Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

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Oaks Workshop
Saturday November 04
8:30 AM  –  4:30 PM
Learn from the expert!  Fred Roberts, author of The Illustrated Guide to the Oaks of the Southern Californian Floristic Province, will help you to unravel our sometimes confusing oaks. 
Oaks are an important element of the California landscape, and as group, they are easily recognized. Nineteen species and five additional varieties are known to occur in Southern California, and telling them apart is not always easy.  Many oaks are similar in appearance and, especially the white oaks, hybridize readily. 
The goal of the class is to teach participants to recognize key characters for separating our southern Californian species and to recognize hybrid forms. Participants will also learn about the systematics and ecology of southern California oak species. The class includes both indoor (presentations, guided studies of plant material using dissecting microscopes) and outdoor (walk in the Garden) sessions.
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is a member of the oak conservation group of the NAPCC and has many species of oaks established on the grounds including conservation groves of Q. engelmannii and Q. dumosa.
Please meet at the East Classroom.
Admission is $120 for the public, and $100 for RSABG members.
Registration is required.
The East Classroom and garden paths are wheelchair accessible.
If you have any questions please contact Community Education Coordinator, Diana Nightingale at (909)-625-8767 ext. 251 or dnightingale@rsabg.org.
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