Saging of the World

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Saturday November 16

9:30 AM  –  11:30 AM

" A fire went through our family's sage gathering ground, and maybe five acres of white sage just burned to the ground. I was upset, but my uncle said, "it's good- the world just needed saging off".

California Indians have been using white sage for food, medicine and ceremony for thousand of years. The contemporary commercialization of white sage has become international in scope. Walmart, Etsy, and Amazon all market smudge sticks, sage bundles, and "cleansing" kits, fueling a growing controversy around cultural appropriation, Much of the white sage for the international market is unscrupulously foraged.

We hope you'll join us in learning how to cultivate white sage in your garden or nurture the plants in containers on your decks, porches, and windowsills. You'll attract bees, butterflies, birds, and other beneficial insects. You'll be better understand how the health and well-being of our species is extricably connected with the plants that sustain us. learn why and how to Sage the World with authors of the Ethnobotany Project, Rose Ramirez and Deborah Small as well as RSABG staff, at this presentation and workshop.