The Pressed Plant: Techniques in Plant Collecting and Herbarium Specimen Preparation

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Saturday February 29

9:00 AM  –  3:30 PM

    Every plant is a perfect form. When pressed, dried, and mounted onto paper, its perfection is captured and preserved. Herbarium specimens are beautiful works of art, but also serve importantly to document the natural world, to assist in plant identification, and in botanical research. 

     This one day, hands-on workshop will familiarize participants with the techniques of plant collecting and making herbarium specimens. The morning session includes demonstrations on how plant specimens are collected, pressed and dried, and what information is included on specimen labels. Participants will then have an opportunity to make a voucher specimen from the Garden’s living collection, to be deposited in the Garden’s herbarium. In the afternoon session, participants will learn techniques for mounting dried plant specimens onto paper. The workshop includes a tour of the Garden’s herbarium, one of the largest collections of plant specimens in North America.


Instructor: Mare Nazare, Ph.D Administrative Curator, Herbarium [RSA-POM]

 Details: Lunch is not provided, but participants are welcome to bring a bag lunch. Enrollment cap is 20 participants. Registration deadline is February 22, 2020.