Planting with Natives

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Saturday October 24

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11:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Planting with Natives


With fall comes preparation. Squirrels are gathering acorns, deciduous trees begin to drop their leaves in preparation for winter, and here at California Botanic Garden, we are getting ready for fall planting season! Fall, and into winter, is the perfect time to plant many California native plants. The cooler temperatures and the rainy season ahead allow for these plants to become established before the harsh temperatures of a Southern California summer. 


The benefits of planting with natives are vast! Aside from the wonderful aesthetic qualities and pops of vivid color natives bring to your garden, by planting species most suited to this mediterannean climate, you will conserve water and support our local pollinators and seed dispersers.... not to mention being able to enjoy wonderful wildlife viewing!


In preparation for your fall planting, join us Saturday, October 24 from 11 am to noon for our virtual Planting with Natives horticulture class via Zoom. With the guidance of Steven Valdez, Lead Production Technician at CalBG and Master Gardener, learn about some tried and true native plant performers for most garden environments, shade versus full sun selections, how to prepare your site for planting, watering and basic tips for new plants and how to adapt their care as they become established. 


Armed with your new native planting knowledge, visit the online Grow Native Nursery - open to the public on November 5th - to make selections for your fall planting. Participants of the class will receive a $5.00 off coupon for purchases over $50.00. 



Members $20

Public $25